Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Little Bump In The Road

Sometimes things don't always go as planned.  

Thus we have to push the return, back a bit.

We, do not want to jump the gun, and start, before we are really ready.

We Will return Soon....... 

Monday, February 4, 2013

File Hosting sites, need a little help.

Being out of the DDL game for so long I don't know what file hosts are good any more.

I know RapidGator, FreakShare and FileFactory are still doing well, but I don't know much about the others, so I need a bit of help.

It go's with out saying, we (BoB) will need some help off-setting the running cost's, and thus will need help from file hosts and add sites.  But that said we still need some good fast free sites,  in the past we used JumboFiles and some others form time to time.

So what we need, is a little input from you.  What file hosts are good for you.

We need around 3 or 4 good file hosts that pay for downloads, and 2 or 3 fast and free file hosts. All in all we plan to use around 6 file host sites.

As always FreakShare will return, I have used it off and on from the past 5 years and it has never let me down, and RapidGator will return as well. Others that we are look at are PutLocker and BillionUploads as the fast and free sites.

Only replay with sites that you have tested and have used.

Plz remember, BoB is not just out to make money, we just hope to help off-set some of the running costs. I know some think we quit the game cos we didn't make as much money as we did back in the day, that is BullShit. We left the game cos of shit in the real world, working on a group like BoB takes alot of time, and some times we need that time to put right, what went wrong. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Update on the return of BoB

BoB will be back soon.
It's all gone a bit tits up, but things are looking up.  
If all goes to plan we will be back later this week. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gearing Up For The Return

To start with we will do some new season packs in 720p, and later move back to doing the daily shows in 720p and in time 480p will also return.

As all-ways we will be hunting out some odd shows that most mini MKV groups miss out, as this is one thing that made BoB stand out from may other groups.

All that said it will take time to get back to were we left off.

But with some hard work, and long hours we hope to be just as good as we were in the old days.


More Info to come in the coming days/weeks. 
Roll On 2013 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Long Road Home.

It's been a long time.

But I can now say BoB will be back in the new year.

More info to come............ 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Sorry for the long downtime, my ISP cut me off. It's all fixed now, but with 3 days of shows to do it will take some time to get back up to date.

But in time I will get all the missed shows posted, remember the team is down to just one working member, me, and it's not easy doing it all by me self.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Shows Info : TV Rage : IMDb : WiKi

Source.......720p.HDTV.x264  FLATLiNE, KFV & Antipode
File Size....300MB (approx)

Single Download Links



Shows Info : TV Rage : IMDb : WiKi

Source.......720p.HDTV.x264  FLATLiNE & KFV
File Size....300MB (approx) 

Single Download Links



Shows Info : TV Rage : IMDb : WiKi

File Size....180MB (approx) 

Single Download Links


How.To.Be.a.Gentleman.S01E06.720p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 150MB

The.Devils.Ride.S01E04.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 150MB

National.Geographic.Life.Of.Oceans.Deep.Mysteries.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 150MB

David.Attenboroughs.Kingdom.of.Plants.Part.2.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 180MB

David.Attenboroughs.Kingdom.of.Plants.Part.2.720p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 350MB

Breaking.Pointe.S01E01.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 140MB

Ancient.X.Files.S02E05.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 150MB

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The.Voice.UK.S01E17.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 450MB

The.Voice.UK.S01E16.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 150MB

The.Apprentice.UK.S08E13.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 200MB

So.You.Think.You.Can.Dance.S09E02.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 330MB

Live.At.The.Electric.S01E01.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 100MB

How.To.Be.a.Gentleman.S01E06.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 70MB

Offspring.S03E07.PDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 150MB

Laid.S02E05.PDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 100MB

Britain.Unzipped.S01E05.PDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 200MB

Australias.Got.Talent.S06E13.PDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 230MB

The.Amazing.Race.AU.S02E01.PDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 230MB

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S18E13.PDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 150MB Americas.Next.Top.Model.S18E13.PDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 150MB

Snooki.And.Jwoww.S01E00.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 70MB

Punkd.S09E10.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 70MB - 180MB

Comedy.Awards.2012.UNCUT.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 350MB

Stand.Up.For.The.Week.S04E06.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 125MB

National.Geographic.Very.Odd.Couples.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 150MB

Have.I.Got.News.For.You.S43E08.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 100MB

8.Out.Of.10.Cats.S13E06.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 70MB

The.Apprentice.Youre.Fired.S07E11.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 100MB

The.Apprentice.UK.S08E12.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 200MB

Russell.Howards.Good.News.S06E08.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 100MB

Duets.S01E02.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 300MB

Backyard.Inventors.S01E04.WS.DSR.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 80MB

Around.The.World.In.80.Plates.S01E04.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 140MB - 70MB - 150MB

Lewis.6x03.REPACK.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 300MB

WWE.Friday.Night.Smackdown.2012.06.01.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 320MB - 70MB

Final.Offer.S01E01.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 140MB

The.Ricky.Gervais.Show.S03E07.480p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 50MB

The.Ricky.Gervais.Show.S03E07.720p.HDTV.ReEnc.x264-BoB - 100MB

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